EX provides translation and copywriting services in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. We pledge to abide by these four core values:

1. English for Excellence is readable.

Ask: Who is your reader?

An essential question of market positioning and market segmentation is this – who your target customers are. If your business appeals to a mass market, we won’t pick words seemingly too hard for readers to understand. Simple writing is the best writing.

2. English for Excellence is communicable. 

Ask: What is the purpose of your writing?

There are different types of writings – human story, executive report, news, press release, fundraising appeal, marketing & advertising copy. It all comes down to what specific purpose the writing serves and we’ll adjust the writing style to suit your needs. Effective writing is a powerful communication tool.

3. English for Excellence is knowledgeable.

Ask: What kind of terminology should be used in this writing?

Our vigilant translators and writers would conduct desk research to fact-check our assignment for you. Even though we are not trained in the healthcare sector, we are able to translate or write a patient’s story with medical terminology. Good writing is produced by a high standard of workmanship.

4. English for Excellence is teachable.

Ask: What do you expect from this writing?

Your return on our service is of the utmost concern. We’d always humble ourselves to edit, refine and polish our work to a reasonable extent. Get in touch with us today. We’re all ears!